David McMahan

David McMahan grew up in politics.  He moved with his family to Washington D.C. at the age of 7, when his father took a position on the Appalachian Regional Commission and later served as a member of U.S. Senator Howard Baker’s staff. As a young man, David worked on Capitol Hill as a U.S. Senate page and as an intern in Senator Baker’s office.  There, David developed an understanding and appreciation for how government works.

McMahan has turned that early interest in politics into a career of government relations and has built McMahan Winstead into the top ranked firm in Tennessee.

McMahan is experienced in all facets of government relations and has lobbied every department in state government on a variety of issues.  He has gained a reputation as a timeless negotiator and cunning strategist.  McMahan has been successful while representing very tough positions, in times where the odds were against controversial issues.

McMahan has a reputation of being tough, hardworking, fair and honest.  McMahan’s deep knowledge of government workings and contagious personality has led nearly every major newspaper and news publication in Tennessee to call him the “top lobbyist on Capitol Hill at one time or another”. In fact, he is one of the only lobbyists consistently ranked by Business TN Magazine as one of the top 100 most powerful people in the State, where he is in good company with the likes of Senator Bill Frist, Martha Ingram, Fred Smith, Pitt Hyde and others.